Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Asteros delivers virtualization, an integrated technology enabling sharing of physical resources among different tasks. A virtualized server runs several operating systems sharing its hardware resources. The cloud is an integrated environment based on virtual infrastructure and containing a full range of customizable services.

Asteros partners with the leading cloud solution vendors such as VMware, Microsoft, HP and VCE to implement "Everything-as-a-Service" concept combining application, platform and infrastructure delivery models (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) on top of the latest virtualization technologies. Within this concept, Asteros delivers a full range of cloud computing solutions:

  • Server Virtualization

    Asteros server platform virtualization solutions create shared hardware pools with automated resource allocation.

    The core components of this architecture are the virtual machines managed by a special utility called hypervisor or virtual machine manager. Virtual machines as well as the hypervisor are hosted on a physical server. One physical server may simultaneously host multiple virtual machines running the same or different operating systems and sharing hardware resources. Asteros deploys VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors equipped with embedded application management tools.

    Asteros server virtualization solutions improve IT infrastructure reliability and scalability while helping optimize hardware utilization.

  • Workplace Virtualization

    Workplace virtualization is a physical move of user processes from user workplaces to data center or enterprise server pool. To that end, Asteros uses the latest terminal solutions such as VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Terminal Services. Workplace virtualization helps consolidate the load on reliable and efficient servers while user desktop infrastructure is reduced to delivery and visualization of operating environment and applications, so the applications are still available to the user.

    Asteros workplace virtualization solution helps standardize IT infrastructure and enable centralized administration to reduce workstations maintenance and support costs.

  • Private Cloud Infrastructures

    Cloud computing is both a method of workplace organization and a business model. In this new computing model, applications and data are provided to users as services accessible over the network. Asteros cloud computing solutions based on innovative VMware Cloud Director, Microsoft Hyper-V cloud, HP Blade Matrix and VCE Vblock products ensure service delivery over the cloud and a self-service infrastructure allowing to create, deploy, manage and decommission applications in the private cloud, manage virtual infrastructure and optimize resource usage.

    Asteros creates private clouds using internal (existing or new) client’s resources.

    The cloud helps address a wide range of challenges for client’s IT infrastructure:

    • Internal IT service usage control and billing
    • Quick deployment of information systems
    • Forecasting hardware platform utilization

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