IT Infrastructure Optimization

Asteros solutions focused on increasing infrastructure reliability and performance, and providing extended support rely on the best practices of the leading vendors worldwide to help our clients to protect their investments in IT infrastructure and to reduce risks associated with unplanned downtimes and business losses.

Asteros offers a full range of IT infrastructure deployment and maintenance services:

  • Hardware and software deployment:
    • New systems planning and commissioning
    • Integrating new systems in existing infrastructure
    • Migration as a part of IT infrastructure deployment
  • Improving reliability and productivity:
    • Existing infrastructure analysis with comprehensive audit, documenting, compliance and resource usage assessments
    • Creating development concepts and designing integrated corporate information systems according to business needs upon assessment of existing environment
    • Adding new services to help utilize IT as an auxiliary business tool, transition to service-oriented IT model, and improved cost control and cost allocation to business results
  • Extended support:
    • Asteros offers HP Care Pack, IBM ServicePac® and Sun Service Kit extended support packages ensuring high service quality as well as hardware and software availability and productivity, plus in-house support solutions for Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sun Oracle, EMC, VMware, Symantec, Microsoft, Citrix, XEROX and Hitachi Data Systems hardware and software.

Some of the most important Asteros projects in the area of IT infrastructure design, development and maintenance include:

  • Delivery, deployment and technical support of Hitachi Data Systems hardware for the VTB Capital infrastructure implementation project
  • Delivery and support of VMware and Symantec software for Sochi International Airport
  • Delivery of hardware, software and supplies plus HP solutions deployment for SUEK energy company
  • Building a hardware platform using IBM eX5 servers for Prodo Management

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