Asteros Business Continuity solution

Asteros offers a comprehensive business continuity solution for key business processes comprising a set of hardware and software components and an IT system operations and maintenance strategy. Business process continuity helps ensure service availability, protect data, eliminate data-induced bottlenecks from production environment, accelerate work and secure business-critical services such as databases, business applications, portals, file resources and email.

Key components of Asteros Business Process Continuity Solution:

  • MetroCluster High Availability Cluster solutions

    This solution relies on high availability clusters — groups of servers working as a single system and ensuring high availability of services and applications for end users. Asteros builds its solutions using the newest products including Heartbeat, HACMP, IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms, Legato AAM 5.1, SteelEye LifeKeeper, Veritas Cluster Server, HP MC/ServiceGuard, Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle RAC featuring high reliability, flexible scalability and ease of management.

  • Data Replication

    Data replication is instrumental to business continuity as it ensures data synchronization across multiple physical and virtual servers and databases to provide each user with an up-to-date replica according to their access rights.

    Asteros deploys data replication solutions of the leading software vendors including HDS TrueCopy, HDS ShadowImage, HP StorageWorks Continuous Access, HP StorageWorks Business Copy, EMC MirrorView, EMC Open Replicator for Symmetrix and EMC SAN Copy.

  • Data Backup and Recovery Systems

    A component of Asteros Business Continuity Solution, data backup and recovery system safeguards backed-up data, enables quick recovery of failed services, enables backup of large data volumes, offloads data backup and recovery processes from server CPUs, and provides deduplication service – removal of redundant data from storage subsystem.

  • RISC/Unix Server Virtualization

    Asteros routinely uses virtual environment in UNIX/RISC systems as a business-critical application platform due to its high resilience and unlimited scalability. UNIX/RISC virtualization provides high availability due to integration with cluster solution and automated resource reallocation should any particular component fail or a data center site become unavailable.

    Asteros deploys a wide range of cloud solutions and uses innovative RISC/Unix server virtualization technologies including HP-VSE, Sun Oracle (Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Solaris Containers) and IBM (LPAR, VIO servers, SLPAR, Lx86) in its business continuity solutions.

Asteros deployed business continuity solutions as a part of IT infrastructure implementation for VTB in the Federation Tower, turnkey IT infrastructure development for the new terminal of the Sochi International Airport, fail-safe infrastructure deployment at Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant, and in other projects.

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