Asteros Portal

Innovative communication portals present a great opportunity to efficiently improve information exchange across the business, automate routine operations and track staff assignments.

Asteros Consulting developed the Asteros Portal line of products for enterprise business process, information and knowledge management. Asteros Consulting offers the following portal solutions:

  • Enterprise Portal – an enterprise communications and information environment support solution
  • Knowledge Base – a convenient and fully enabled corporate knowledge base
  • Document Management – a standardized and managed electronic document management system

Each Asteros Portal solution comprises a number of preconfigured portal services delivering specific business functionality or supporting certain enterprise business processes.

Asteros Portal products are based on the Microsoft SharePoint Server mainstream platform.

Benefits of Asteros Portal:

  • Increased speed and quality of decision-making
  • Increased staff productivity, knowledgeability and competence
  • Automation of routine operations
  • Corporate culture instillation and support

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