Asteros Personnel

People are the main asset of a modern business. People management is a complex domain with inherent structural and functional links. Efficient people management requires using modern information systems as a tool to manage all HR processes from staff information updates to strategic HR management.

Asteros Consulting offers the new Asteros Personnel solution based on Oracle e-Business Suite's Human Capital Management. Asteros Personnel helps automate HR reporting, timesheet and payroll business processes based on Oracle HR, Oracle Payroll and Oracle Time&Labor modules. Asteros Personnel fully complies with Russian legislation and standard human resource management guidelines.

Asteros Personnel includes:

  • A set of standard objects and payroll algorithms
  • A large number of unified reporting forms
  • Support for personalized HR management
  • Integration with Oracle eBS financial modules
  • Software add-on management system
  • Developer toolkit to facilitate new add-on development

Asteros Personnel HR management solution helps achieve the following objectives:

  • Automate all HR processes from hiring to termination, track absences and standardize HR resolutions
  • Create and balance work schedules and account for irregularities if any
  • Automate HR timesheets including absence and non-standard schedule information
  • Adjust timesheets as needed
  • Create a flexible set of objects and accounting algorithms and use pre-defined algorithms for tax credits and deductions at source
  • Personalized accounting and reporting for the Pension Fund
  • Integrate modules closely to eliminate the need for data re-entry
  • Payroll calculation for employee groups or individuals employees
  • Calculate payroll costs and post transactions to general ledger
  • Pay employees and third parties, and remit taxes
  • Generate mandatory and user-defined reports
  • Setup mass data loading for calculations

This solution is recommended for organizations with a large number of structural units and large headcount when they migrate to centralized enterprise resource planning systems such as:

Asteros Personnel brings the most value when used with the Oracle e-Business Suite as an ERP system in companies with large headcounts and centralized approach to HR and payroll management.

When deploying our human resource management system based on Oracle HR, Oracle Payroll and Oracle Time&Labor modules, Asteros Consulting also integrates it with customer's existing ERP systems, databases, 1C applications and other products including in-house applications.

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