Service Desk deployment

Modern businesses use complex IT infrastructures whose uninterrupted operation at a certain level is a prerequisite for a business to perform its primary functions. Making sure this infrastructure works at all times is one of the major objectives of the IT service. Service Desk systems help IT departments to achieve this objective in a highly qualified manner.

Asteros Consulting offers a full range of innovative Service Desk deployment solutions and services meeting customer needs and requirements, and prepared for the future development of modern technologies. Service Desk is set of methodologies and practical guidelines focused on establishing optimized user support processes plus a set of hardware and software automating these processes. Service Desk systems help increase quality of service by streamlining an efficient collaboration between service departments and service users. The deployment process involves evaluating and reorganizing existing user support processes, reorganizing user support departments if needed, automating user support processes, and training support personnel.

Service Desk systems ensure:

  • Filing user support tickets regarding IT service support
  • Performing work on typical requests
  • All types of support-related communication with users
  • Ticket time and costs reporting, ticket prioritization based on ticket type, user and other details, and support ticket logging
  • Ticket classification and initial evaluation
  • Ticket approval (as needed)
  • Advising users on typical tickets
  • Forwarding tickets to support specialists and tracking ticket activity timelines
  • Informing users on ticket activities
  • Closing all resolved tickets with mandatory service quality control
  • Informing users of large failures, outages and scheduled maintenance
  • Cooperation with external service providers
  • Creating and providing reports on service user support to stakeholders

Service Desk is integrated with existing customer systems such as:

Some of the largest Service Desk deployments by Asteros Consulting include the following:

  • IT support system development for VimpelCom
  • Deploying service processes in Alliance Bank
  • IT service ticket management system for Alfa Bank

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