Improving equipment repair and maintenance processes at NLMK


Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK) decided to reorganize certain internal functions in order to increase production efficiency and ensure that repair effort is justified:

  • Make repairs an independent function separated from production floors
  • Centralize repairs and create a new department, repair and maintenance center
  • Automate equipment repair and maintenance processes in order to create a management tool

NLMK chose to use an already deployed SAP ERP system to automate equipment repair and maintenance processes.

Asteros Consulting, a member of the Asteros Group, won an open bid for this project by demonstrating our impressive track record in IT consulting and automation of repair and maintenance processes using SAP.

Project delivery

Over the next 8 months, Asteros Consulting automated equipment repair and maintenance processes using standard SAP PM functionality, developed additional modules and configured business intelligence based on SAP Business Objects. Together with our client, we designed processes supporting organizational changes, while preserving the best production support practices of NLMK.

Besides migration of legacy data, Asteros Consulting developed and uploaded a large amount of master data:

  • Repairable units
  • Lists of standard services and typical failures
  • Spare part and material specifications
  • Production department directories

Our experts designed and configured business scenarios fully supporting repair and maintenance processes:

  • Major Repair and Scheduled Repair scenarios include annual and tactical planning, development of budgeting and itemized lists, cost accrual and accounting, sourcing of spare parts and materials, and management of third-party service.
  • Maintenance scenario covers planning and performing technical inspections, diagnostics and maintenance, as well as result analysis and cost accounting

The final stage of the project included design of the topmost layer, the business intelligence tool.

Project statistics

  • 14 main production floors
  • 7 centralized repair floors
  • 600 system users
  • 60 business intelligence service users

Project results

Faced with changing requirements and challenging timelines, Asteros Consulting designed and implemented an information system fully supporting the new transformations:

  • An enterprise BI tool allows report design
  • Asteros integrated NLMK master data and preserved the client’s best repair and maintenance practices
  • NLMK got a fully operational system provisioned with data and ready to work

NLMK is planning to roll out this new solution to its other businesses.

Asteros Consulting supported us through a period of challenging internal transformations acting both as IT and management consultant. Their strong expertise in both domains, most certainly, was a fundamental contributor to success of this project.

Vadim Uryas, VP IT, NLMK

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