Surveillance center implementation for "Safe Sochi" project

Project goals

The comprehensive Safe Sochi program was launched by city administration as a part of preparation for the 2014 Olympics. It isfocused on improving public safety and preventing offenses in the city.

Project implementation

To ensure safety of every Sochi resident and guest, the KABEST team (Asteros Group), created unique video surveillance system within the "Safe Sochi" project, including:

  • Installation of video cameras on main streets and in popular leisure areas – the cameras will feed the signal to the monitoring center in real time
  • Building 7 x 2.5 meter video wall made of high-definition LCD screens
  • Implementation of multi-petabyte archive attached to video servers for long-term storage of video recordings and advanced search options

Video camera installations is ongoing. On completion of the project their number will increase to 1400.

Project results

KABEST has implemented video surveillance system and built an emergency control center for the "Safe Sochi" project. The new system will help emergency services to respond faster to emergencies and to improve quality of life for citizens and resort visitors.

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