IT-infrastructure implementation in the Federation Tower for VTB bank


VTB Group is one of Russia’s most significant financial enterprises, a recognized leader in credit banking. In 2005 VTB made an important decision to construct a new HQ, fairly scaled to the Group’s development prospects. A special focus was made on the office infrastructures that should be flexible to meet the requirements of VTB’s dynamically growing business.

Project implementation

Asteros specialists created and integrated 20+ diverse systems that work of 2800 VTB employees.

The basic concept of the new IT infrastructure is a mobile office that allows instantly set up a new workplace at any spot of the office. To this end, structured cabling system and electric power supply network were designed in honeycomb fashion, thus covering the entire office space. The unique solution includes 29,000 cabling port connections that is a record number in Eastern Europe. Three-tier standby system provides high fail-safety of the structured cabling system.

With the area of 500 square meters, located on the 22nd floor, VTB's data center is the heart of the HQ IT infrastructure. The server cooling system has double capacity, and the implemented safety and protection concept keeps up the data processing for 4 hours in case of emergency.

Asteros team implemented enterprise IP telephony, corporate data network and multimedia system. State-of-the-art audio and video systems are fully available in 40 meeting rooms, conference halls and congress centers, for efficient communication with partners and regional representatives of the financial group all over the world. The multimedia system is managed in the IT infrastructure monitoring center.


The newly implemented office facilities host new VTB HQ, which was distributed across four different buildings in Moscow. Today almost 3,000 VTB employees from the single point handle thousands of cash flows daily, keeping up the economic growth of the entire country.

A project beyond comparison was recognized by the respected analytical agency CNews as the largest in Russia.

The innovative VTB HQ is a fusion of art and technology. Cutting-edge solutions, proposed by Asteros while implementing the IT infrastructure in the shortest time possible, ensure reliability and fail-safety of all business-critical bank systems. As result, the technical equipment of new VTB HQ meets all advanced requirements of business performance and security

Dmitry Nazipov, Senior VP, Head of IT Department, VTB

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