Implementation of Asteros Contact solution in MegaFon


MegaFon has made improving client loyalty one of its strategic targets. Today, a corporate contact center modernization program is already being implemented at the company.

Project goals

MegaFon took the decision to implement the Asteros Contact solution (consultant’s universal workspace for contact center) in order to:

  • Personalize its work with clients
  • Improve the quality of services
  • Reduce customer-service costs

Project delivery

Asteros has completed the full implementation of the Asteros Contact system at MegaFon-Center. The implementation of the Asteros Contact solution allows the integration of all business applications into one single system. This means that once the consultant has logged into the Asteros Contact system, all of the other applications are automatically at his or her disposal.

Asteros Contact allows the automatic transfer of information about a given subscriber across all integrated applications. This means it is no longer necessary for the consultant to input data into each separate application; customer service time is reduced as is the incidence of errors.

The Asteros Contact solution provides

  • Integration of all business applications used by the consultant (single sign-on)
  • All-time information support for the consultant while fielding the call
  • Quick search in the knowledge base
  • Automatic transfer of information about a given subscriber across all integrated applications

Project results

As a result of the project, the company’s contact center will increase the number of calls processed and improve the quality of customer service.

Our contact centre is one of the largest subdivisions of our company and it handles a significant workload: we serve over 3 million subscribers across 8 districts of the Central Region of Russia. At our company we take the concept of client loyalty very seriously and this is priority number one for our customer service team. By introducing the Asteros Contact solution we are expecting to further improve our customer service and at the same time win our clients loyalty. In the near future we plan to achieve an immediate improvement across all parameters: channel availiability, average call-processing time, and average call-waiting time. Im sure that MegaFon Center customers will also notice and appreciate the positive changes made to our customer services.

Svetlana Grechukhina, Deputy Commercial Director for customer services at MegaFon - Central Region

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