Asteros provides the “heart” of the engineering infrastructure at the VTB Arena Park urban complex

Jun 07, 2017

The Asteros Group, the Russian market leader in creating comprehensive infrastructure and security systems, continues large-scale design and construction work at one of the most innovative urban development sites in Moscow, the VTB Arena Park. The integrator has launched an administrative and technical complex covering more than 6,000 m², housing a data center, new construction headquarters, and sales offices, all close to the office centers and Arena Park Management, the company managing the entire project.

The collaboration between VTB Arena Park and Asteros began more than seven years ago with the development of a master plan for the future city block. Still a unique place in Moscow, VTB Arena Park, with a total area of 32 hectares, seamlessly unites the renovated 26,000-seat Lev Yashin Dynamo Central Stadium, the Academy of Sports, the Dynamo Sports and Recreation Park with its 8 hectares of green space, and the Arena Park city block, with 13 units including the Dynamo Society Headquarters, the Hyatt Regency Moscow – Petrovsky Park, and Class A apartments and office buildings.

The Asteros Group continues to design and deploy utility and IT infrastructure, and to supply comprehensive security systems for a number of sites and properties at VTB Arena Park. For example, centralized management and support for continuous operation of the block’s technical infrastructure required the launch of an administrative and technical complex located in a three-story building with a total volume of 6,000 m³. The same building houses a data center, the new construction headquarters, sales offices, and Arena Park Management, the company responsible for managing the entire project.

The integrator team performed design, installation, and startup of all the building’s utility systems, including electricity, heat, water, ventilation, air conditioning, and more. In addition, unit 13 is outfitted with a network of low-current systems: building management system and automatic fire protection. For real-time centralized monitoring of the technologies deployed in the VTB Arena Park buildings, a computerized infrastructure management system has been installed, and the utility and structural monitoring systems have been integrated with the municipal safety and security systems. The second floor of the technical building holds a data center with adequate capacity to meet the needs of all functional spaces of VTB Arena Park. In the future, a second data center is planned for rental on an IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS basis.

As Andrey Peregudov, Senior Vice President of VTB Bank, General Director of the Dynamo Managing Company and Head of VTB Arena park project, states: “The construction of the Dynamo Stadium and the VTB Arena Park complex is now in the home stretch. We are planning the first test match, symbolizing the beginning of site operations, for Lev Yashin’s birthday, 22 October 2017. The project is moving forward on schedule and at this stage it is more important than ever to gather all our strength and work day and night to get the job done. We are very demanding with our contractors, because the engineering infrastructure is like the circulatory system of the whole site. It has to be up-to-date, reliable, and effective. We are very grateful to our partners at Asteros, who have shown a high level of professionalism and speed in meeting their objectives.”

Yuri Biakov, President and Chairman of the Board of the Asteros Group, notes that: “VTB Arena Park is an entire city within the city, bringing together everything that exacting citizens need, including facilities for sports, entertainment, offices, and residence. Pride of place in the complex is given to the Dynamo Stadium, a landmark in sports architecture and a jewel in our country’s soccer history. ‘Innovative technologies for an innovative complex” – this is our motto for providing comfort and security at VTB Arena Park. In our work at sites within the innovation block we use building information modeling technologies. Unit 13 is the central hub of the whole engineering infrastructure at VTB Arena Park, and we consider it both a great honor and a great responsibility to develop the technological ‘heart’ of this massive project.”

The VTB Arena Park project has earned a number of awards. These include the RREF AWARDS 2014 “City within a City” category, the “Best Project in Russia” prize as chosen by experts in the MIPIM Awards-2014 competition, and the PRO Reality 2013 award for “Best Business-Class Residential Complex” in Moscow. The project has twice won the prestigious European Property Awards, in both 2013 and 2014.

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