Public sector

In recent years, state structures have been putting special emphasis on the implementation of targeted national and federal programs, which are aimed at the automation of all spheres of activity, the modernization of IT, and providing effectively functioning IT-infrastructures.

Deploying IT and automated systems in the public sector requires knowledge of the specific nature of the sphere, expert analysis, an understanding of deep-seated trends, material resources and highly-qualified staff. The Asteros Group has the necessary scientific and technical capacity and the right personnel for such projects and is also licensed to work with classified government information.

Asteros solutions for the public sector:

  • Management information systems
  • Distance-learning systems for educational institutions
  • ICT infrastructures
  • Security systems

The Asteros Group has experience of implementing projects within the scope of the ’Digital Russia‘ Federal Target-Oriented Program and has a successful history of cooperation with government structures: the Russian Presidential Administration, Constitutional Court, Ministry of Defense, the Regional Administration of Krasnodar, the Moscow Administration, the Moscow Regional Administration, Rostekhnadzor of Russia, Federal Education Agencies, Federal Security Services, the Federal Customs Service, and others.

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