Oil and gas

Asteros believes that providing efficient IT support for streamlined implementation of corporate business processes is one of the core objectives associated with development of IT systems for oil and gas industry.

Use of information technologies directly contributes to securing competitive edge for sustainable business development, designing new products and services, entering new markets, improving transparency of financial and business operations, improving the standard of corporate governance and increasing core business efficiency in oil and gas companies.

Informational technologies increasingly emerge into one of the key sources of competitive advantages.

Asteros offers the following solutions for oil and gas companies:

  • Deployment of management information systems for strategic planning
  • Informational integration of geo-distributed business centers including international branches and subsidiaries
  • Setting up a unified IT environment—a set of software and tools built to standardized specifications together with supporting reference documentation, guidelines and organizational principles.
  • Creating a single enterprise data repository to integrate functional business processes including accounting, budgeting, financial management and production management.
  • Deployment of business intelligence systems enabling use of the latest management support technologies including budgeting, project management and risk management tools.
  • Design of information security management systems to implement a unified information security policy and enhance tools and methodologies used to identify, evaluate, forecast and mitigate information security risks;
  • Deployment of asset management systems
  • Implementation of integrated geospatial information systems for pipeline management

TNK-BP, Gazpromneft, Gazprom Transgaz Kuban, Bashneft, KavkazTransgaz, Lentransgaz, Mosgaz, Rosneft, Slavneft, Sibneft, Tatneft and Khanty Mansiysk Oil Corporation are already reaping benefits from solutions by Asteros.

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