Energy and utilities

In compliance with the Russian Federal Law on Electric Power Industry and the "5+5" Strategy Concept of RAO UES of Russia for 2005-2008, 2008 saw the split of electric power industry into natural monopoly (primarily transmission and distribution of electric power) and competitive (energy production and sales) domains, together with development of dedicated business structure for electric power companies.

In the medium term, electric power businesses were primarily tasked to improve efficiency of their operations in the open market and implement their strategic investment plans for business development.

Asteros offers IT solutions focused on making business management systems used in energy companies more efficient, integrating management and engineering automation systems, and creating a Unified Information Technology Environment in management companies and industry businesses.

Asteros offers the following solutions to energy companies:

  • Design of IT standards, integrated automation projects and technical policies for IT
  • General contractor and complex integration project management services
  • Deployment of business applications:
    • Asset management
    • Core business process management
    • Development process management (including capital expenditures and capital development)
    • Supporting process management
  • Creation of unified information technology environment
    • Portal solutions
    • Data and document repositories
    • Centralized record management systems
    • Application integration systems (integration buses).
    • IT environment monitoring and management systems
    • Information security and security management systems
    • Platform infrastructure solutions
  • Integrated IT infrastructure modernization
    • Corporate data center deployment
    • Design and deployment of multiservice and engineering data networks
    • Design and deployment of distributed telecommunications systems
    • Construction of engineering systems for buildings and data centers
    • Design and deployment of call management and customer service centers
    • Design and deployment of enterprise data centers and storage area networks
    • Local area network and structured cabling system upgrades

Our IT solutions and services are tailored to customer needs with consideration to the following:

  • Scale of industry-specific facilities
  • Complicacy and complexity of automation projects
  • Need to integrate a large number of heterogeneous systems with different levels of availability
  • Distributed structure of managed assets and entities

Asteros has a strong track record of project deployment for RAO UES of Russia, INTER RAO UES, System Operator of the Unified Energy System, Agency for Forecasting of Electric Energy Balance, ESKO UES and other energy companies.

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