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Yury Byakov Yury Byakov
Boris Polyakov Boris Polyakov
Alexander Danilin Alexander Danilin
Alexandr Panin Alexandr Panin
Olga Tyrnovskaya Olga Tyrnovskaya
Irina Makeeva Irina Makeeva
Irina Smolyakova Irina Smolyakova
Lev Nikolau Lev Nikolau
Vladimir Shelepov Vladimir Shelepov
Dmitry Shilov Dmitry Shilov

Yury Byakov

President, Chairman of the Management Board

Mr. Byakov has been working in the IT business for over 20 years. He graduated from the Moscow State Industrial University where he studied Management and holds an Executive from the State University Higher School of Economics.

CRN magazine ranks Mr. Byakov among The Best Managers of Russian IT Companies.

Yuri Byakov was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year  2008 by Ernst & Young with a nomination for Infrastructure and Technology.

Boris Polyakov

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Polyakov has over 10-years experience in IT business management. He joined Asteros in 2005 and held positions of Sales Director, Business Development Director and Head of Sales.

Mr. Polyakov graduated from the Frunze Military Academy and the Military Academy of the General Staff and has numerous government awards.

Alexander Danilin

First VP, Head of Sales

Mr. Danilin is one of co-founders of the Asteros Group. He has been working at Asteros since 1998. Mr. Danilin facilitated signing the first agreements were signed with global manufacturers of equipment and software. Mr. Danilin held various positions related to sales and key accounts management, including General Manager, Director for Strategic Development, and First Vice-President.

Mr. Danilin holds degrees of three top Russian higher education institutions: Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO), Higher School of Economics, and Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MIFI).

Alexandr Panin

Senior VP

Scope of duties: key accounts development, strategic projects management, business development.

Olga Tyrnovskaya

VP Partner Relations

Olga Tyrnovskaya works at the Asteros Group since 2000. Ms. Tyrnovskaya started her career in Asteros as a project manager. In 2005 she was appointed Head of Sales Department, Financial sector. In 2008 she became the Sales Director, Commercial sector. After this and till the beginning of 2015 she was VP Sales in the Asteros Group.

In the end of February 2015, Ms. Tyrnovskaya was unanimously appointed Vice President for Partner Relations by the Management Board of the Asteros Group. Prior to this, there was no such a position at Asteros.

Irina Makeeva

VP, Head of Financial Control and Internal Audits Division

Scope of duties: managing the economic side of the company.

Ms. Makeeva has been working at Asteros since it was first established. She graduated from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, the School of Financial Directors at the Russian Academy of National Economics, and holds an Executive MBA from the State University Higher School of Economics

Irina Smolyakova


Ms. Smolyakova has more than 10-years experience in people management at executive posts in large companies like Sodexho, Media Arts Group and Mercury Holding. Working in the latter as Director of Barvikha Luxury Village, she gathered a team of 1000 employees and organized opening of the suburban project.

Since 2012 Ms. Smolyakova is in charge of development and implementation of HR policy aligned with business needs and building efficient communications at Asteros.

Ms. Smolyakova graduated from law school of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). She got managerial education in Russia and abroad.

Lev Nikolau

Chairman of the Board of Atrinity

Mr. Nikolau has over 10 years experience of working for international consulting companies such as A.T. KERNEY, McKinsey&Company, where he worked in USA, Switzerland, Poland and Russia. In addition, Lev Nikolau held executive positions in large Russian and Ukrainian companies: Russian Standard, SUAL, Interpipe, Mosinzhstroy and the Organizing Committee of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

Mr. Nikolau graduated from the University of Sourth California (USC) with an MBA degree.

Vladimir Shelepov

Deputy Managing Director for Business Development (line of business "Security")

Mr. Shelepov dedicated more than 15 years to safety of important social infrastructures, including sports facilities, 6 among them to Sochi Olympics projects.

In 1996 Mr. Shelepov took over the leadership of local IT company Service Technology. In 1998 he was appointed CEO of the ICS South Company. In 2006 Mr. Shelepov accepted the office of the VP for regional development of the ICS Group.

Since 2013, Mr. Shelepov develops comprehensive security line of business at Asteros.

Mr. Shelepov graduated from the Rostov Missile Force Higher Military Engineering School with a degree in flight control systems management.

Mr. Shelepov co-authored a book on design and construction of sports facilities Football Stadiums.

Dmitry Shilov

Head of Service and Outsourcing division

Dmitry has 15 years of experience in organizing and delivering IT services. From 1998 to 2005 he worked for SUN Interbrew (presently SUN InBev), where he was responsible for developing and supporting IT infrastructure in the Ural region.

He joined the Asteros Group in 2005. He held senior positions in the IT Outsourcing and Services Department. In 2011, he became the Head of the IT Outsourcing Division. He has been the Head of the Asteros Service business unit since 2013. Under Dmitry's leadership, a number of projects to supply leading Russian companies with technical support services for their IT infrastructure were completed.

He graduated from Perm National Research Polytechnic University with a Degree in Technical Systems Management and Computer Science.

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